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Property Tax Refund Calculator

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Welcome to the eFile Express™ Minnesota Property Tax Refund Calculator!

By answering a few brief questions, you can quickly see if you qualify for Minnesota's 2017 (or 2016) property tax refund -- and the amount of the refund if you do qualify.  [Minnesota's eligibility requirements]

Before you start, you'll need your property tax statement if you're a homeowner or your Certificate(s) of Rent Paid if you're a renter.  You'll also need to a couple of numbers from your federal tax return.

Ready to begin?  Please review the terms of the Use License below.

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Minnesota now issues property tax refunds 30 days earlier to taxpayers who e-file Form M1PR and  meet other Dept. of Revenue requirements.

Smartrak Group was the ONLY company that fought on behalf of Minnesota taxpayers to get this law passed. [more]

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