A software solution to automate the generation of the Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid


Three licensing options are available to meet your specific needs, depending on how many CRP's you need to generate, and whether you are generating CRPs for your own (or your company's) properties or for the properties of several different owners.

License pricing for the 2023 version of CRP Gen is as follows:


Can be used for...

Licensing Option Multiple Properties? Multiple Owners? Copy Limits License Fee 123

1. Metered - allows you to pre-purchase a set number of CRPs that you plan to print

Yes Yes 25 - 300

$1.50 / CRP 4

2. Owner - allows you or your representative to print an unlimited number of CRPs for tenants in properties owned by you or your company

Yes No Unlimited


3. Managing Agent - allows 3rd-parties that provide management services to more than one property owner to print an unlimited number of CRPs for tenants in their clients' properties

Yes Yes Unlimited


1 License fee is valid for the current version of the software which generates Certificates of Rent Paid for the 2023 rental year.

2 Software is licensed on a per-PC basis.  While any PC can be used to generate the CRPs, only the PC that was used to acquire the license will be able to print the CRPs.  If you want to be able to print CRPs from more than one PC, you will need to acquire a license for that PC as well.

3 All license fees are subject to Minnesota state and local sales tax.

4 Minimum license fee is $37.50.


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