A software solution to automate the generation of Wisconsin Rent Certificates

Getting Started

RC Gen gives property managers and landlords an easy way to generate Rent Certificates for their tenants.

Here are the steps required to successfully use RC Gen:

  1. Gather your data
  2. Download and install RC Gen
  3. Start RC Gen and enter your data
  4. Generate completed Rent Certificates
  5. Print the completed forms for your tenants (note that before you can print the completed RCs, you must acquire a RC Gen license – instructions for acquiring a license can be found when you start the RC Gen software)

The following instructions provide an overview of the steps involved in using RC Gen.

Gathering Data

Use of the RC Gen software can be greatly simplified if you take the time to gather and organize your data beforehand.

The information that is placed on a Rent Certificate can be divided into three types:

  1. Landlord information
  2. Property information
  3. Renter information

a. -Landlord Info - This data identifies the landlord for the property.  If you manage multiple properties, it is usually the same for all of your properties.  This information includes:

  • Business address (street/PO Box), city, state, zip code)
  • Telephone number
  • Signature Date (the date you are planning to print or issue the RCs)

b. - Property Info - This is information consists of several Yes/No questions that are present on the Rent Certificate including:

  • Whether the property is subject to property taxes
  • Whether the property is a mobile home or a mobile home site
  • Whether heat was included in the rent
  • If the property was a care facility, CBRF or nursing home

c. - Renter/Tenant Info - Information that is required for this category includes:

  • Renter’s name (and spouse’s name if they lived together in the same unit)
  • Address (including apartment/unit number)
  • Starting and ending dates of the rental period
  • Number of roommates
  • Rent paid

See the section titled "Renter Information Fields" later on this page for additional information on required renter data.

Special Note
While experience has shown that gathering renter/tenant data can take a significant amount of your time, RC Gen has the ability to import renter data via a specially-formatted text file.

Once you have gathered your data, you can start using RC Gen to generate the completed Rent Certificates.

Downloading and Installing RC Gen

For step-by-step instructions on how to download and install RC Gen, click here.

Using RC Gen

Start RC Gen and click the “New” button to start a new session or “Open” to load a previously saved session.

Follow the four-steps on the “RC Gen Instructions” page to …

  1. Enter landlord information
  2. Enter property information
  3. Import or enter renter information
  4. Generate the completed RCs

RC Gen Tips

1. After you generate your RCs but before your print them, click the button to scan the forms for common errors.

2. If you manage multiple properties, it's easiest if you save the data for each property in a separate RC Gen data file.  Be sure to give the file a name that identifies the property like “Property ABC”.

3. If you need to generate RCs for several tenants, use a program like Microsoft Excel to create a text file with all of the required data for your renters.  Refer to Importing Data for more information.

4. If you only need to generate a handful of RCs, you can generate “blank” RCs that are pre-filled with any Landlord and/or Property info that you specified on the main RC Gen instructions page.

5. You can change any RC that you generate by clicking on the appropriate RC in the list in the left-hand window, then clicking the field or fields that require changing.

6. If you are starting a new session and have successfully licensed the software, you can use the "Same as Licensee" checkbox to pre-fill the Landlord information fields with the identifying information that you provided when you acquired your license.

7. Click the button in RC Gen for additional tips and helpful “how-to” information.

Importing Data

If you have a large number of Rent Certificates that you need to generate and you don't want to type the information into RC Gen, you can create and import a text file with the necessary renter information.

Additional information on the file, including the file layout, can be accessed via the program's button under the subject: "Importing Data".

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