A software solution to automate the generation of Wisconsin Rent Certificates


What Is RC Gen?

RC Gen is a software program that you download and install on your Windows-based PC.  Once installed, you follow 4 easy steps to generate completed Rent Certificates that you can review, print and distribute to your tenants.

RC Gen will even perform most calculations for you!

How Does It Work?

Once installed, start RC Gen, then follow the on-screen instructions to:

  1. Enter your landlord information (name, address, phone number, )
  2. Enter any property information that is common to all units (property type, )
  3. Enter renter information (name, address, unit, rental dates, rent paid, ; see below for data entry options)
  4. Generate, review and print the forms

What Are My Data Entry Options?

Depending on the number of units that you manage, your tenant list may range from a couple of renters to several hundred.  So how do you get this information entered on the forms?

RC Gen was designed to be flexible, providing data entry options for large and small property managers.  If you only need to prepare a couple of RCs, you can enter the renter information directly on the electronic form, then print it out.  For larger numbers of renters, RC Gen can import the renter information from a specially-formatted spreadsheet or text file.

More Info?

Click any of the links below for more detailed information on RC Gen:

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     Getting Started

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