A software solution to automate the generation of Wisconsin Rent Certificates

The 2020 version of RC Gen is now available.

As a Wisconsin landlord, you're required to complete a Rent Certificate (RC) for any tenant that requests one -- whether they rented from you this year, last year or even five years ago!

So how do you manage this? Do you generate RCs "as requested", one-at-a-time? Or do you proactively generate RCs for your renters all at one time? Or do you do a combination of both methods?

RC Gen gives you the flexibility to generate and print RCs the way that works best for you.
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With RC Gen, you can quickly generate one, fifty, even hundreds of completed Rent Certificates. Interested? Click any of the buttons along the left side of this window for more information.


    Fast RC generation
    Automated calculations
    Flexible data entry
    Review RCs online
    Print now or print later
    Supported property types:
       -- Rental properties
       -- Nursing homes
       -- Long-term care
       -- Community-based
           residential facilities
       -- Mobile home lots




* The RC Gen software can be downloaded and evaluated for free.  All features in the software are active with the exception of the Print function.  To print completed Rent Certificates, you will need to acquire a software license.  For current software license pricing, click here.


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